15-year old girl Allegedly Molested and Pepper-sprayed at Trump Rally


trump-rally-grope-pepper-sprayAccording to this 15-year old and the media that first reported this news, a man groped her and pepper-sprayed her face. She needed to be treated by paramedics and now the police are looking for the man who allegedly sexually molested her in front of this massive crowd.

This unedited video post on Youtube tells a much more detailed story than what has been reported by CNN.

You can see that the 15-year old girl started getting on the face of an old man wearing that ugly Christmas sweater. She kept telling him “you touched my breast.” but the man kept saying no he didn’t. There is not video of that and we are still searching.

The girl started cursing pretty much everyone who tried to calm her down and kept saying “don’t fucking touch me.”

This is a 15-year old we are talking about here who is confronting old men and women.

So when she tried to attack another male, another one pepper-sprayed her.

Maybe that dude just had it? Or maybe he just tried to contain this woman and the quickest way to do it was to use the pepper spray?

The cops are looking for him and we don’t know if it’s just for questioning or he’d be under arrest.

Now from a different angle and a longer video, you can see that the old man with the ugly sweater did not touch this young woman. You can also see that she threw a punch at the guy before getting pepper sprayed.


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by   on  March 31, 2016