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Dana Delany has been around for a while. For over 30 years she has managed to be a star of movies and TV shows thanks to her hot looks. She achieved it through many surgeries, particularly Botox, to keep her youth for some more time.

If you want to know more details about Dana Delany through operations, read the next post. On this article, we will talk about Dana Delany Movies and TV Shows. Her impressive career gives us much to talk about. For now, we will only cover every acting job before the 90s. This is just the beginning of her success.

Dana Delany’s First Role: Ryan’s Hope

Dana’s acting career started in 1978. Dana was only 22 years old when she participated on a famous soap opera. It aired for 13 years, commencing in 1975, but Dana’s role did not last that long. She was just Ryan’s bar patron for a chapter. Ryan’s hope was the beginning of an acting career that would last for the following 30 years.

Love of Life

After Ryan’s Hope, she was discovered by the cast of Love of Life, another soap opera but now of CBS. Although she was not part of the regular crew, her character, Amy Russel, appeared regularly between 1978 and 1979.


CBS continued to use Dana on new soap opera productions. It has been one of the longest aired TV shows ever. It has the second place with 54 years, starting in 1956. Dana Delany had her shot during 1981, starting on January 2 and until December 1.

That same year, Dana appeared in the film The Fan with a minor role as a saleswoman in a record store. Right after that year, she stopped working for two years, but there was much more to come later of Dana Delany Movies and TV Shows.

Dana Delany returned in 1984

1984 was a good year for Dana. With 28 years, she was now a more mature actress. During this year, she appeared in the supportive role of Susan McCall in the film Almost you that made it to theaters. Other two appearances would fill her resume with TV movies. Threesome saw Dana playing Laura Shaper; while The Streets had her reserved the role of Jeannie.

Her busy career continued in 1985, appearing in one chapter of the ABC series Moonlight, and preparing her first leading acting job on a film based on a book by David Kendall. The project name was Where the River Runs Black, directed by Christopher Cain. The film went out to the public in 1986, but it was not well received by critics. It seemed slow and boring to the public. However, that did not stop her career. She made two more TV movies: A Winner Never Quits, playing Nora; and Liberty, playing Moya Trevor

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