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Alexis Liela Afshar popularly known as Lexy Panterra as we all know is a very hot girl in every sense. She was named Alexis Liela Afshar in honor of her grandmother who died of breast cancer in California in 1989. At the rise of her career, she was popular for many things, dancing singing and surprisingly to most people motor cycle racing, (I was shocked when I first found out about that).

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Lexy Panterra really was at the top of her game as a cycler but an accident to her dad on the race courts caused her to end that part of her life, who would have known that she would be the queen at something else. According to her, she first was interested in twerking when she saw Miley Cyrus twerk at the VMA’s in 2013 and with other twerking videos on YouTube thought to herself “twerking would be a very good exercise for women”.

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We all know that things that are sexy always moves well with the general public and with a lot of work and videos, Lexy became the founder of LexTwerkOut and that was the beginning of rise to the spotlight. This attracted the attention of many celebrities including a former spice girl member and a couple of others. As of January 1 2017, she has over two million followers and currently follows 552 people with 2,379 posts on Instagram and counting, amazing right? Sure it is.

Also, we all know from all her videos that she really does know how to move in the right ways, I mean you must have watched some of her twerkout sessions but a recent shoot for playboy has recently caught our eye, as her movement was so natural. This shoot was so captivating that during the shoot she kept on moving the entire time showing that the energy we all loved seeing during her workout sessions online are still alive and are getting better.

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Previously in the year 2015 Lexy teamed up with Playboy to bring us what twerking through history. This was a nice idea as she started as a cave girl, then advanced through various modes of dressing and undressing to bring the history of twerking up to the current date. This video went viral pretty quickly but is nothing compared to the current idea used. I really must say, the word natural in this shoot can never be overemphasized.

These videos and photo shoots of Lexy Panterra was one of the greatest ideas from Playboy as nobody can presently view those videos on YouTube and the playboy website and not take a second peak at it. These videos have had more than a million views on every platform where these videos have been published. I must say that the intensity these videos create in the atmosphere can be overwhelming. I would say you had better not watch these video near your woman unless you want to have a serious problem with her (just kidding).

We have gathered  30 Lexy Panterra Sexy moves pics, 30 Lexy Panterra Almost Nude pictures on internet for you. Checkout below

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