US Presidential Candidate hires a Porn Star for his TV Ad


Amy Lindsay, an ex-porn star is in the middle of a hot debate in the US presidential race. She was featured in the Ted Cruz’s TV ad.

Watch Ted Cruz TV Ad featuring Amy Lindsay.

Ted Cruz‘s campaign immediately pulled the plug on the controversial ad and had some explaining to do. According to Cruz’s campaign, the actress was not vetted properly. The production company that hired the porn star did not check her filmography.

Amy Lindsay has been featured on tons of porn videos including, MILF hardcore and soft-core videos.

For such a sensitive material, it’s puzzling that Ted’s campaign manager did not do his own due diligence in approving the ad before it’s published.

Amy Lindsay responded with a Tweet she’s disappointed and implied she would avenge this. In her Tweet she says her vote counts.

Do you think we’d see another woman supporting Donald Trump? It’s just fitting. Perhaps we’d see this —

Watch Amy Lindsay Ad for Donald Trump



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by   on  February 12, 2016