Ann Coulter says if Trump not Elected, it will bring Latin American Rape Culture to the US

Here’s something that might open your eyes to something that many people believe is just absurd. Ann Coulter told MSNBC correspondents that Trump’s proposed border control will stop the entry of Latin rapist to the US.

She says that if the people are not going to elect Donald J. Trump, the US will continue to bring Latin American rape culture to the US.

Did Ann Coulter lose her mind by saying this?

If you are going to label all Latin Americans rapist because a few bandidos are caught for rape, then you are a fool. You might as well call all races that too because last time I checked, every race or country has a rape crime.

So what is correct about Anne Coulter’s offensive remarks?

Well if you really look at what she said in details, then you start to see some sense to it.

The issue is, Ann Coulter did not explain in full what she is exaclty refering to. Perhaps the segment did not allow that becuase on air, there’s hardly any time to tell a story.

Often times, reporters or experts just give controversial sound bites and then would have to explain themselves later.

I think what Anne Coulter meant to say was, many of the illegal immigrants that enter the US by sneaking in are criminals. Not all of them are but mostly are according to studies.

Perhaps this is what Ann Coulter was saying. We should see in the next few days what she really meant.

It’s also good to point out that Ann Coulter has had a controversial career.


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by   on  April 6, 2016
  • Mmmmmmmmm

    Ann Coulter is a fucking idiot. Who cares what she says or thinks.