Shocking Video: Baby Eats Dangerous Snake to Protect Himself

A 17-month old baby from Brazil was playing outside by himself when a viper snake (considered to be venomous and lethal if bitten) comes towards him, endangers his life and his dog.

His mother, Jaine Ferreira Figueira decided to check on the kid and shocked to find him completely bloody from his mouth with the dangerous snake hanging on it. She thought her son had been bitten but closer in, it’s actually the opposite.

It appears that her kid, Lorenzo in an effort to save himself and his dog, transformed into a venomous snake by maybe copying it and attacks the snake.

“He bit the pit viper very close to the head which eventually immobilized the snake and prevented it from biting him,” Dr. Gilmar Carteri declared.

Investigators then check on the snake and realized it’s a pit viper which is commonly found in South American jungles. If one is bitten by this snake, it will cause instant fatality.

Baby attacks and eats venom snake in Brazil full video


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by   on  December 11, 2015