Black Trump Supporter Beats Down Protester Wearing KKK Suit

Yet another Donald Trump rally gone violent. It’s become a norm for anti-Trump protesters to walk around the rally and disrupt the event. Trump attenders just couldn’t take it anymore so they usually take matters on their own hands by resorting to violence.



The degree of violence have become higher and higher as more of these rallies and protesters clash.

In this recent even, a Black man who is a Trump supporter sucker punched an anti-Trump protester who is part of a group that is wearing a KKK style hood.

Watch the video of the incident from different angles.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video #3

And here’s the previous sucker punch in which the white guy attacks the black guy.

So can you really say that this has something to do with racism?


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by   on  March 21, 2016