Breaking News: Donald Trump wins IOWA and beats Ted Cruz!


Well if you’ve been following the GOP election, you’ll know by now that Ted Cuz allegedly stole IOWA from Donal Trump by tricking voters. So according to Trump and his supporters, he won the IOWA election.

How Donald Trump won IOWA not Ted Cruz?

The results are finally here. Donald Trump takes over America and successfully sweeps IOWA. It seems that the early predictions of Trump not winning this election is now laughing matters.

When Donald Trump announced he’d be running for presidency, people laughed and mocked the reality star and real-estate mogul. Now I guess Trump is laughing at them.


It’s definitely unprecedented considering how many people and media organizations went against Donald Trump who aggressively criticized his character, speeches, policies etc.

It seems that the American people are not buying in to what Trump calls smear campaign by media especially Fox. People are definitely on-board Donal Trump and what he stands for.

There’s a huge movement in America and even 16 year old kids are attending Trump rallies.



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by   on  February 1, 2016