Breaking News: Ted Cruz hiding 5 Mistresses and blames Donald Trump for the Smear

The American politics just gone to the lowest point with now what Ted Cruz calls a dirty strategy plotted by Donal Trump to taint his name. The gossip magazine, National Enquirer published a story on its newsstand issue that there are allegedly five women as Ted Cruz’s mistresses and the senator is desperately trying to cover them up.


National Enquirer is famous for publishing gossips about OJ Simpson and John Edwards where the gossips were actually true.

Trump claims he had nothing to do with this article and that Ted’s issues with the Enquirer is his issues alone.

Ted Cruz said that he read the negative article about him and it quotes former Trump political adviser, Roger Stone. He also noted that Trump is good friends with David Pecker who is the owner of National Enquirer.

Recently, Trump tweeted that Ted Cruz should be careful about using his wife Melania Trump’s naked GQ photo on his campaign video or Trump would tell the world racy stories about Ted’s wife Heidi.

Crooks & Liars website went into details on the tabloid article and claims, the images that were used links to Katrina Pierson who tweeted in response that the allegations are garbage.

However, many people quickly pointed to her tweet that she didn’t really deny being involved in sexual relationship with Ted Cruz. So there could be more to this than meets the eye.

Agree on not, the National Enquirer have been right on many things before. John Edwards and Tiger Woods sleeping with other women.

So this ugly political situation in the US is just getting started folks. Stay tuned.


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by   on  March 26, 2016