Chris Brown gave their daughter Asthma for always smoking Weed next to her


This news just kicked in all over the internet. According to Chris Brown’s ex and baby momma, the heavy tattooed R&B singer is responsible for giving their daughter asthma. According to her, Chris Brown always smoked weed around their daughter. Chris Brown denies this of course.

Chris Brown’s baby momma also wants to up child support from $2,500 to $16,000 and wants to lessen rights to their daughter. She also asked the court to have Chris Brown do ongoing drug test. Ouch!

When you look at the amount of photographs of Chris Brown in the past, you get the impression he smokes a ton of weed.

You can see photos and videos of him in pretty much every situation. On stage, chillin with Rhianna always got a doobie hanging on his mouth with cloud of smoke from it.

Here are photos of video of Chris Brown smoking weed.


Chris-Brown-smokes-weed-daughter-video-backstage Chris-Brown-smokes-weed-daughter-video-berlin-rhianna Chris-Brown-smokes-weed-daughter-video-gif Chris-Brown-smokes-weed-daughter-video-nighclub Chris-Brown-smokes-weed-daughter-video-on-stage Chris-Brown-smokes-weed-daughter-video-onstage Chris-Brown-smokes-weed-daughter-video-rhianna Chris-Brown-smokes-weed-daughter-video2


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by   on  February 1, 2016