Colton Hayes Gay Photos Leaked!

Yes it’s true Colton Hayes, the star of MTV’s Teen Wolf and CW’s Arrow has lit up Facebookverse with his Tumblr post that proves he maybe really gay.

Here’s that post:


Apparently, there are tons of specualtions previously that he dates men. So a search for gay photos of Colton Hayes has dramatically increased in Google. Searches like Colton Hayes gay pics, Colton Hayes gay pictures, or gay dates in in a massive increase.

Fans of Colton Hayes wants proof that this guy has been living in the closet and must come out. It’s pride of gay people when a person comes out of the closet. So having a celebrity this popular coming out and proclaiming he’s gay is a victory for gay and lesbians.

Here’s Colton Hayes Gay Pics:

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by   on  April 2, 2015