Could this Hot Ukrainian become the next American First Lady?


Melania Trump is a super model who married Donald Trump. They have one child and reading from Trump’s recent interview with his wife Melania, they are a perfect match.

Could Melania and Donald Trump be a perfect match to run the country?

I guess we shall see. One thing is for sure thought. Donald Trump is very good at getting things done business wise. Like many economist believe that an American president should be a businessman because running a country is like running a corporation.

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Melania Trump on the other hand is simply HOT and SEXY. This Ukrainian beauty could immediately soften America’s relationship with Russia. Vladimir Putin would be thrilled to meet Melania don’t you think?

Well the Russian president might wanna conquer her like Putin took over Ukraine. So watch out Trump!

It’s surprising we haven’t seen much of Melania in the news doing interviews and partying with celebrities getting caught by TMZ. Is she locked up in that golden Trump tower in New York?

If you want to see more of Melania, you’re only place to get to see her photos are on the internet. So we’ve scoured the web for any Melania Trump nude photos to see if at one point of her modeling career she posed naked for a magazine. After all most supermodels pose naked at one point of their career.

Luckily, we’ve found one.

Melania Trump nude pics
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These days posting nude photos have the same shock value as posting pics of your cats. Thanks to Kim Kardashian for setting the bar so high

In the past if any revealing pics of Melania would have surfaced, there would be a public outcry to remove Trump from running for presidency. He would be labeled a disgrace.

So is there really any nude leaked pics of Melania Trump? The answer is you’d probably have a better luck finding a naked pic of Donald Trump more than Melania. That my friend is not a great visual.

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