Delta Gamma University of Miami Recruitment Video is full of Hot Girls

This video was produced to entice hot girls to join Delta Gamma. So what better way to do it than to shoot a music video for a sexy EDM track that shows fancy lifestyle in Miami.

The recruitment video features hot UM sorority girls. The message is clear this is only for equal hot girls to join in. It’s safe to say that you have to be in great shape and comfortable wearing two-piece bikinis.

The Delta Gamma video was produced by a DJ/Filmmaker Artec Media who is actively producing EDM songs and shooting lifestyle videos.

This is probably the most insane recruitment video for a university we have ever seen. There are so much TnA on this it’s hard not to watch til the end even-though the song is average.

So ladies. If you want to make the most out of your school years and make you feel like you’re on vacation, then join in.

Begin slide show. (Full Video at the end of the slideshow)




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Sorority girls gone wild. Attending University of Miami has many advantages. If you look at the reviews for this school, you’ll get mostly about how much of a vacation it feels to attend UM. This is why a lot of hot girls and athletes attend the university. The beaches are everywhere. The nightlife is abundant. You can pretty much get drunk every night, hang out with hot girls at the beach at noon and go to school the next morning hangover. Sounds like a great way to go to school to me.


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by   on  January 8, 2016