Did you know China had an AIRPOCALYPSE today?

Video images from Shanghai showing level 6 pollution will make you stop breathing. Today China banned half of its cars to quickly remedy the situation. You can see in these images people are wearing breathing mask so that they don’t suffer from lung cancer. There are a lot of reports of premature deaths caused by China’s pollution.

Here’s a satellite aerial video of China and you can see it’s fully covered in dark clouds which are basically pollution.


It’s also important to know that in the 1970, Pittsburg, USA which was the center of the industrial revolution in America suffered from a similar problem. You can see in this photo taken in the afternoon that streetlights had to be turned on to get visibility.


It’s important not to think that modernization is always attached to pollution. China needs to seriously figure out how they can lower their emission or everyone in their country will die of lung cancer.


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by   on  December 8, 2015