Donald Trump raised $6M for Veterans but sends Bumper Sticker from proceeds


New York homeless veterans asked Donald Trump for donation about a year ago but after he raised $6M for the vets at a fundraiser in IOWA, he sends them a bumper sticker that says “Trump – Make America Great Again”.


In this letter of refusal to give the New York vets donations, he also states that at the moment the Trump campaign is not able to provide donations.

Perhaps there is a miscommunication that took place but this is not a good story to tell when Trump is using the vets name to gain voters in America.

Photos of Homeless Veterans

The public is not much informed how the veterans in America are treated. Many of them are living on the street because they have no home or support from the government. Trump has been very vocal about improving treatment of the vets.





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by   on  January 31, 2016