Ghost Caught on Photo taken at the “The Shining” Stanley Hotel

A photographer, Henry Yau was shocked to find out after looking at the photographs he’s taken of the Stanley Hotel which was featured in the chilling horror movie “The Shinning’ that he might have captured a ghost.



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In the photo there is a strange woman standing at the top of the stairs who many people believe is the wife of the owner of the hotel who had died years ago.

Henry Yau posted the photo of his shocking discovery on his Instagram. The full story is at the Oregonlive’s website.

Another visitor who had toured the hotel posted this creepy video on Youtube.

Stanley Hotel Real Ghost Photos

Watch videos from visitors filmed in the Stanley Hotel. Ghost caught on video and photos. Shocking discovery that will send chills to your bone when you see it.

2016 ghost photos from Stanley hotel which was featured and inspired by the movie “the Shining”.


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by   on  April 17, 2016