This Unknown Girl became Famous overnight after Justin Bieber Stalked her on Instagram

Justin Bieber posted a photo of an unknown girl on his Instagram asking who she is. In Bieber’s exact words “Omg who is this!!” quickly got over 1.2M comments in just 24 hours. The Canadian popstar’s fans scoured the internet looking to ID her and came up with Cindy Kimberly.

Here’s Justin Bieber’s crush tweet of Cindy Kimberly:

Omg who is this!!

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

By now, she’s probably waiting for Bieber’s call and I’m sure hundreds of modeling agencies are ringer her up for management to cash in on the publicity.

So I definitely want to be the first to write in-depth blog about her while she’s still unknown to the celebrity mags and TMZ.

Who is Cindy Kimberly?

The main question is. How did Justin Biebs find her? I guess we can assume when he’s not pissing off his neighbor with parties, he’s most likely trolling young girls on Instagram.

Cindy’s Instagram suddenly went viral and Biebs die-hard fans started following her. At one of her post a Selena-Bieber fan started verbally attacking her.


WTF? Poor Cindy did not deserve that attack. But now she knows that fame comes with a price.

I assume Justin Bieber actually knows this girl and they are probably together. So it’ll be a matter of time until we get to see a pic of them together cuddling.

Here are Cindy Kimberly photos that got Justin Bieber hot and sweaty:

Sexy Photos of Cindy Kimberly


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by   on  December 9, 2015