He Snapped a photo of this Potato and ends up making $1Million

This is a pretty bizarre story that seem unrealistic. How can a da^n potato cost one million dollars? A photographer, Kevin Abosch typically sells his photographs upwards $200,000. So I guess paying for a photo of a potato with the same price tag as a mansion in Miami is acceptable.


Be careful discussing the image of this pricey spud, since it’s now worth more than $1 thousand. According to British paper The Separate, an un-named Western business owner has purchased this photo of a spud on a black background for 1 million bucks ($1,086,950).

The picture, captured in 2010, is part of a collection of pictures by recognized Irish photographer and visible specialist Kevin Abosch whose profile of photos include popular The show biz industry film maker Steven Spielberg, Eileen Palin (an British comic, no regards to Debbie Palin), Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and the youngest-ever Nobel Award laureate Malala Yousafzai.


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by   on  February 3, 2016