Top 5 Hockey Fights: Player vs Referee


Want to watch the top 5 Hockey Player vs Referee fights? We’ve put together the compilation for you. The first one is not exactly a fight but it’s a good way to start. Watch our compilation because we end it with a big hockey fight bang.

1. Dennis Widemann

This is a scary hit by Dennis Wideman who is an NHL player on the referee from behind. A few more inches forward, that referee would have been knocked out hitting the boards.


Next: Brett Cook punches ref


Unreal hockey fights by referee and hockey player. Brutal and bloody as fight ensues on the ice. Most of these hockey player vs referee fights come from a dirty hit on another player and then referee breaks the fight that happens between two opposing players. Obviously, the hockey players are still hot and ends up going out of control. In some incident, the referee goes over the edge. Hard to see what the hockey player might have said that pushes these refs to attack hockey players.

For example this referee from Winnipeg slams a Peewee 12 year old hockey player on the ice in an effort to try to stop the fight between two players. It’s a shocking scenario specially for parents watching helplessly at the stands.

Hockey Player vs Referee Fight

Brett Cook from the juniors got a lifetime ban for attacking a referee during a team brawl. He took this ref and punched him so many times. It’s a miracle that the ref was still able to skate away after he was let go by Brett.


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by   on  January 30, 2016