Horrific video of Police killing Robber holding hostage in Dallas


Breaking News. Police shot and killed a robber holding a hostage. This heroic incident could have turned tragic. The video was shot by a by-standard who witnessed everything recording a video on his cellphone. The robber immediately dies from a gunshot wound and a terrified hostage released. She immediately runs to her relative and cries thanking God.

Could this situation have ended worse? Write your thoughts.




Police raw video leaked killing armed robber holding a woman as hostage. Texas police in Dallas respond to a call for emergency. They get to the location and found a distraught robber holding on to a suspect. They aggressively pursue this robber and stop the situation. Once the robber turned around it’s pretty much a clear shot by a cop who was just literally 6 feet away from him on the other side of the car.


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by   on  January 30, 2016