Iskra Lawrence Responds to Fat Comment with Video Eating Chips in Underwear

Plus-size model, Iskra Lawrence got called “fat” on Instagram by a nobody following her. Her response is pretty classic. Like Ashley Graham, she’s pretty comfortable of her oversize physique so she posted a video on her Instagram eating chips in slow motion.

Is Iskra Lawrence fat?

If your definition of fat is a person carrying more weight over another gym rat, then yes. But if your definition of skinny is lighter weight than a sexy girl like Iskra larence then you are definitely on some kind of narcotics to think that way.

Who is Iskra Lawrence?

According to Iskra Lawrence IMDB, she is a British model who is famous for doing fashion photo shoots that are categorized as plus-size. Not every woman is thin and skinny. Some are naturally big-boned. So being super slim like prototypical super model is physically impossible.

Iskra Lawrence certainly embraces her natural physique and does not shy away from scrutiny.

Here’s a modeling photo of Iskra Lawrence without make up. Do you think she’s hot and sexy?
iskra lawrence sexy, nude, fat
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Watch Iskra Lawrence video wearing just her underwear in super slow motion eating chips

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Is there any nude photos of Iskra Lawrence?

The answer is maybe. But so far the naked pics available online are fake fappenin photos.

Here are collection of Iskra Lawrence Hot Instagram photos:


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by   on  April 6, 2016