This Hot Actress calls this Has-been Comedian her Ice Cream Daddy

Jessica Lowndes, the hot actress from 90210 is apparently dating the old and funny John Lovitz. Check out the age gap and beauty gap of the two on this photo.


When Lovitz tweeted that he’s been hanging with Lowndes, people noted the age gap. But the comedian came back with “Jealous?” comment.

Yes folks, John Lovitz is f#*ing this hottie and you’re just really f*n jealous.

Jessica posted this pic on her Instagram implying she’s dating an old man. The bad news is she didn’t post a nude pic. I think people would have been more forgiving if she did. Just kidding.

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After this post by Jessica Lowndes on Instagram, searches for Jessica Lowndes nude photos increased online.

Then John Lovitz followed that up with this Tweet:

So yup. Haters will hate but John Lovitz will stick his hand in between Lowndes legs.

While we’re on this subject, take a look at some hot photos of Jessica Lowdes.

Looking for Jessica Lowndes nude photos? She’s currently trending on Facebook and Twitter. Why? Because she’s been linked to a washed-up comedian. People who are absolute jealous attacking her for dating and old man.

Jessica Lowndes has been photographed naked in the past but there’s nothing online for fans to see. All there is are fake fappening nude pics.


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by   on  March 29, 2016