Google and this Woman Confused Kevin Hart as other Famous Comedians

This is hilarious. An anonymous hot girl on the street confused Kevin Hart of Chris Rock so she stop the comedian for some selfie pics. Kevin Hart found it hilarious so he took his own video selfie with the woman and posted it on his Facebook.

He repeatedly says in the video that he’s Chris Rock and that she should come to the show that night titled “Rock the World”.

Here’s the video:

LMAO….all i could do was laugh and go along with it

Posted by Kevin Hart on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

This is not the first time Kevin Hart has been mistakenly spotted as another famous actor. Google also confused the Hart as Bill Cosby.

Here’s a screen capture of a Google search for Bill Cosby’s net worth clearly showing Kevin Hart’s photo.



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by   on  April 8, 2016