Leaked Video of Oregon Militia Deadly Shootout


The FBI felt obligated to release the raw video of the deadly shootout involving one of the leaders of the Oregon standoff. After breaking the news that the feds killed one of the armed men who were self-proclaimed militiamen, many supporters all over America couldn’t help but come up with their own version of what happened and tried to place blame on the feds.

Oregon Militia shot by FBI Leaked Video

Many say that the FBI killed a hero. So in response to these statements, the FBI released this video which shows a white truck being pursued by FBI black SUVs. The white truck stopped at one point perhaps contemplating a surrender. Then it takes off and after a few miles meets a road block that forces it to run off the road and nearly hitting one of the fed.

One of the Oregon standoff militia got out of the vehicle, raised his arms up and then a few times appeared to reach something in his vest. That was when the feds shot him dead.

Watch the full video Oregon Militia shot and killed by FBI



Watch leaked FBI video from the Oregon standoff deadly shooting.


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by   on  January 29, 2016