Lil Kim has a new body and it’s shocking

Have you seen Lil Kim body recently? Ouch. The social networks are a buzz with recent pics of Lil Kim body. People are posting pics of her comparing to pretty awful things.

Tweets from people about Lil Kim body for example is this:

Lil Kim body recent photos

What really happened to Lil Kim body? Judging by this side pic of her on stage. You can see some scarring on her hips that suggests surgery was performed.

Fans of the hip hop artist is not used to seeing Lil Kim body looking this way. We always remember her to have this sexy and nasty looking young girl. But everyone gets old and eventually those assets give up and let go.

Young Lil Kim body

Looking for young Lil Kim body in the days when she was still relevant? Check out these slideshows

Check out young Lil Kim old pics

Okay so let’s get back to new Lil Kim body that was posted all over the Twitterverse that was so nasty (in a bad way) looking that people should just leave her alone and spare us the visuals. Seriously. Do we really need to see that?

Watch Lil Kim body Videos and photos

There isn’t any more to talk about Lil Kim body on this article.

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by   on  January 28, 2016