Miss Columbia loses Miss Universe to Miss Philippines but could earn $1 Million for Sex Tape

Miss Columbia Ariadna Gutierrez Sexy Pics on Stage of Miss UniverseAfter getting stripped off the Miss Universe crown, Ariadna Gutierrez who is the Miss Columbia became an internet sensation. The searches for sexy photos of her in Google have grown to millions. Tons of people out there want to see this Columbian beauty naked. So Vivid Entertainment saw value in that and offered Ariadna $1 million dollars US to tape her own sex tape like Kim Kardashian did. All she has to do is choose her sex partner.

Would you record a sex tape for $1 million dollars?

miss-colombia-vivid-offer-letterSteven Hirscn stated on the letter that Ariadna Gutierrez would become more famous than Miss Philippines if she accepts this offer. He also claims that she’ll forever become known.


Should Ariadna Gutierrez release Sex Tape?

If Ariadna Gutierrez accepts the offer from Vivid to shoot her own Ariadna Gutierrez sex tape, then she’ll become popular and probably more than the Kardashian combine. But she can’t wait too long. The memory of the mess caused by miss universe is still fresh on people’s mind.

However there’s a risk no one would give damn about her sex tape but she’d end up with $1 Million dollars and that’s good enough for her to retire in Columbia.

Here are sexy photos of Ariadna Gutierrez. We apologize if you came here looking for nude photos of this Columbian beauty.

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miss columbia sexy pics slideshow


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by   on  December 24, 2015