North Korea sent Balloons to South Korea carrying something that Shocked residents.


North Korea really despise South Korea. It calls it a landfill. So to prove its point, North Korean army started sending balloons filled with cigarette butts and times it so that when it bursts in the air, the cigarette butts rain on the South Koreans.

Not only that the balloons carried cigarette butts, they also brought used toilet papers with shit stain on them. Nuts!

Could this be the first stage of what would become war between the two Korean country?

It’s pretty funny to think that the two nation are at war sending poop to each other. They should be glad that it’s not the nukes.

So in retaliation, South Korea blasts K-pop music and focused the loud speakers to the North. That’s creative.

This story is like an episode of South Park. You can only write it as a comedy skit.

Here are the photos of the balloons carrying trash payload from North Korea.


South-North-Korea-trash-war2 South-North-Korea-trash-war3 South-North-Korea-trash-war4



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by   on  February 5, 2016