Apparently, this Hot Actress is too Old to play Leonardo DiCaprio’s Wife


Olivia Wilde attending a casting call for the movie “The Departed” starring Leonardo DiCaprio and the role she was auditioning for is to be Leo’s wife. Olivia Wilde was rejected to play the wife of DiCaprio because according to the producers, Wilde is too old for the role.

Does Olivia Wilde look that old to play Leo’s wife?

Well you be the judge. Check out these super sexy photos of Olivia Wilde and see for yourself. Olivia Wilde in bikini, topless, beach, posing sexy.

Olivia was also seen naked and doing a complete sex scene in the movie “Alpha Dog” starring Justin Timberlake.

olivia-wilde-nude-sex-scene-alpha-dog-movieThen once again Olivia Wilde took on a role that required her to strip down naked and go on top of Ryan Reynolds on the movie Change Up.

hottie_olivia_wilde_strip-nude_the_change_upHere are more Olivia Wilde nude pics we’ve collected all over the interned.


Olivia Wilde naked photos leaked online. It’s not know if one of these which shows her wearing no pants and underwear is not a fake. So many fans of Olivia Wilde Photoshop fake nude pics of this sexy actress perhaps to fulfill their sexual fantasies.

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by   on  March 17, 2016