5 Shocking Proofs Tupac is Really Alive


There are a ton of speculations that Tupac is alive. Many believe including his best friend and business partner Suge Knight that Makaveli himself fakes his own death to avoid jail time because the feds are after him for some crimes we don’t know about.

Suge is pretty certain that Tupac Shakur aka Makaveli is alive and living in Cuba where the US government have no power to arrest him.

Tupac Alive according to Suge Knight

In this video by TMZ. They chatted with Suge Knight outside the nightclub and asks him about Tupac. He tells TMZ that P Diddy knows he didn’t kill Tupac because he’s alive and living in Cuba.

Tupac Alive Hanging out in the parking lot in Cuba


Holla Back snuck up on Tupac and his crew hanging out in the parking lot in Cuba in 2011. You can clearly see it’s Tupac laughing with his friends but then turns serious when they spot the camera video taping them.

This video is far too blurry to actually validates as concrete evidence Tupac is alive. If the poster really wanted to prove to us that Tupac is alive, he’d post a higher quality video.

Tupac performs in Coachella and says What’s up Coachealla!

Well it’s not exactly Tupac performing in Coachella with Snoop Dog. It’s his hologram that looked so realistic it was met with silence from the crowd as they were freaked to see how realistic Tupac was on stage.

Many people speculated that this was actually a hologram of the real Tupac because he said “What’s up Coachella” and the festival itself was only created after his death so there was no way they could have pulled a recorded audio of him saying that prior to his death.

Many people also commented that the Tupac hologram not only looked like him, it was actually a render of Makaveli as if he actually aged. This sparked even more conspiracy about Tupac faking his death.

Multiple Video Evidence Tupac is Alive

This guy shows a collection of video evidence that Tupac is alive as Makaveli does a bunch of cameos on music videos and news footage.

Prior to Tupac’s death, he changed his name to Makaveli and released the album that embodies a persona that he’s a trickster who would possibly escape reality and fake his death.

Conflicting Height and Weight of the dead body

According to this Tupac conspiracy theorist, the height and weight written on Tupac’s California driver’s license did not match the information listed by the coroner who did the autopsy of Tupac’s dead body.


More discrepancy on Tupac’s death as this person on Youtube provided so much details as far as strange details that did not match.


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by   on  March 21, 2016