Former Crack Smoking Toronto Mayor Dies

People in Toronto…not all…mourn today because its most popular ex-mayor, Rob Ford who was allegedly videotaped smoking crack passed away from cancer.

Here’s The National reporting the news on video:

Rob Ford became a household name that he was invited to come out to a Jimmy Kimmel show.

Joh Steward has some crack at mayor as well:

Rob Ford let everyone know what he’s poeple’s mayor. Pretty much anybody can come and talk to him like Deadmau5 with this coffee run segment.

Rob had some fun with the locals as well. Frequenting convenient stores and Tim Hortons and often under the influence of something that made him slurry and happy.

Rob Ford is often in a hurry when he’s at work. So it’s common for the Toronto mayor to violently collide with a camera man.


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by   on  March 23, 2016