Shocking video Mother jump over fence at Zoo’s Tiger Compound to get $5 Hat


This unknown Toronto woman (most likely a mother) jumped of the fence because her hat fell off risking her life to save a few dollars. The full grown tiger was startled and quickly ran towards her.

Shocking Woman Jump off Fence at Toronto Zoo's Tiger CompoundThe tiger was not obviously happy to see a trespasser so it stalked her. The woman grabbed the hat and as she turned around, she comes face to face with a pissed off tiger.

We’ve discovered that this woman might be a mother as she was seen with her child on this photo. It’s hard to image why a mother would risk her life like this and leave her child in horror.

Mother Jumps Off Fence and into Tiger Compound to take $5 hatYou can see that spectators at the Toronto zoo watch in shock while this event was unfolding.

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by   on  April 17, 2016