Shocking Video of Girl Beating Boy with Down Syndrome…and it’s Bloody

This is absolutely disgusting. A young girl started punching this boy in the face until he bleeds. The video was uploaded online and it quickly generated attention including people helping to track the attacker.

During this, the boy gets all bloodied and people around him just watch and laugh at him. Clearly these kids have could not distinguished what is right or wrong.

A few days later, the girl was found and she even defended her actions but when her mother found out, she took it upon herself to make her daughter realize what she’s done is very serious.

So the mother of the girl bully used social media to publicly shame her daughter. She was bought praised and criticized for this action as she seems to have gone overboard with the public shaming of her daughter.

Some kids might see this as a way to gain popularity in social media.

Here’s the video of her public shaming:


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by   on  December 12, 2015