This Model Changed her Face to look like Angelina Jolie


With plastic surgery and makeup tricks, you can look like your favorite Hollywood actress. So it’s not surprising to see more and more models looking like a famous celebrity.

Enter Mara Teigen, a 24 year old model who was recently featured on Kylie Jenner’s lip gloss ad. Teigen posted a series of selfie photos of her on Instagram and people quickly pointed that she closely resembled Angelina Jolie. Not just on a few photos but many of them.

Who is Mara Teigen?


Mara became slightly known in celebrity gossip magazines when her hockey player boyfriend Evander Kane paid for a sign to apologize for his bad behavior.

You can see on this photo of the Mara and Kane in a costume. Mara wearing a Lara Croft costume.

mara-tiegen-lara-croft-outfitHere are hot and sexy photos of Mara Teigen:


Mara Teigen photo collection from past to present. New pics taken by Paprazzi while she’s on a date with her boyfriend. Mara Teigen hanging out with famous celebrities in Hollywood. She’s spotted with her new boyfriend walking at the beach wearing bikini. There are various modeling photos of Mara Teigen that are now trending the internet because she closely resemble Angelina Jolie.


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by   on  April 19, 2016