Troye Sivan Mellet popularly known as Troye Sivan is a South African born Australian singer, actor, YouTube personality and also a song writer. Troye Sivan is just 27 years old born on 5 June 1995. In his career, he has done a lot of exciting things. As an actor, he has had a short but exciting career. In 2009 he played the younger version of the tutilar character in the 2009 X-Men film X-Men Origins: Wolverine and also in the spud film trilogy. His major flick of fame and popularity is his regular upload of YouTube videos. This was a bold step for him because as at 2 April 2016 he clocked a whooping amount of 4 million subscribers and over 241 million views tin total and counting. He has not been void of controversies in his career as he was recently despised by some of his viewers as he openly admitted to being gay. On a normal day, this should not have been a big problem as most out-and-proud popstars wait till the time of popularity till they come out clean with such a news but he decided to come out a full year before his major-label debut. I mean I can’t blame them. Most of these ladies have been clamoring for some time with the guy but to take away their expectation. I would say it was expected.


Troye Sivan has reportedly become the latest celebrity to fall victim of leaked nude photo’s scandal. His highly personal and private photos from his mobile phone were posted online. The actor with his phone took the nude figures photos on his visit to the louvre Museum in Paris earlier in the month of April(wait, you did not think it was actually Troye’s personal nude pictures, I really got you there didn’t I? The young chap might be very talented but if there is anything, he loves as much as posting videos on You Tube it would be the secret passion for fine and nude photography.

Troye Sivan’s Reaction To His Nude Pics Leaking

The police (FBI) have  set out to investigate the issue of the celebrity’s phone and e-mail hacking but these so called leaked photos are grooving the internet with much intensity at the moment. Troye has been silent on the matter at the moment as he has other things on his mind like the release of his third major-label EP and making it sensational as the previous two which peaked at numbers five and ten respectively in previous years. He has gained the love of many fans and friends over the years and it is perceived that most of the fans are expectant of videos and other releases on You Tube to further push him forward as a more influential teen in coming years compared to his rank of 25th in the year 2014.TROYE SIVAN Hot Pic


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