With Trump no show, Ted Cruz clash with Fox moderator Chris Wallace


It was pretty much expected but not about Ted Cruz fighting with Chris Wallace. This last debate hosted by fox before the IOWA voting would be like boring. The only excitement came from Chris Wallace, the Fox moderator cutting off Ted Cruz and not allowing him from speaking. Ted Cruz of course got pissed but not in a Trump “you’re fired” way.

Ted Cruz VS Chris Wallace

Ted Cruz just simply stated that this debate has been about asking the debaters to attack each other. He was 100% dead on.

You can’t help but imagine what it would be like if Donald Trump was there. He would have shut Chris Wallace off and made him go in tears.

Many people on Twitter specially Trump supporters called Fox news a “disgrace”.

Chris Wallace cutting off Ted Cruz as he pleaded to speak was out of line for many people’s view and it’s pretty pathetic that Cruz didn’t shut Wallace off.

We can only imagine Donald Trump licking his chops seeing that and saying:

Ted Cruz is weak and let a Fox moderator shut him down.

Watch the video as Ted Cruz clashes with Fox’s Chris Wallace during the GOP debate.



Full video of Ted Cruz fight with Fox moderator Chris Wallace is just entertaining and sad to watch.


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by   on  January 29, 2016