Shocking truth about Micheal Jackson’s Anti-Gravity dance illusion revealed

Michael Jackson was known for his voice and dance moves. But he is also famous for illusions on stage that defy gravity. There’s the moon-walk that seems to make him glide as if he’s on Jetson’s flat escalator.

Then there’s there’s this unreal dance move which is shocking to see for the first time specially in person. Michael Jackson and his dance crew seems to defy gravity by leaning so far forward while maintaining balance.



Learn the secret to Michael Michael Jackson’s Anti-Gravity dance stunt.

So was it a trick or was Michael Jackson really able to defy gravity? Well on this video of MJ’s live performance for “Smooth Criminal”, you can see them walking off-stage and go in the dark. A diversion enters the stage to take our attention away while Michael Jackson and his dancers get rigged for the anti-gravity stunt.

The lights turn on and boom! The king of pop and his dancers lean so far forward and clearly defy gravity.


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by   on  January 11, 2016