Tyga creeped and made this 14 year-old girl cry on Instagram


Apparently, Molly O’Malia who is just 14 years old and an inspiring singer from Deleware is a victim of Tyga-Creeipng on Instagram. According to this young girl, Tyga relentlessly direct messaged her on Instagram asking her to FaceTime with him.

What did Tyga want to FaceTime with a 14 year old for?



Tyga have been accused in the past to send dick-pics to Mia Isabella who’s a tranny while dating Kylie Jenner. So it’s safe to say that his motive to do FaceTime with Molly O’Malia might be that. Perhaps she feared that she’d turn on her FaceTime and there’s Tyga’s manhood talking to her.


At first, Molly thought Tyga might want to discuss her music. What music is she referring to? Lol.

Okay, I know it’s not a joke. So her response to Tyga’s request to FaceTime with her is to take this story to the press and tell the world she doesn’t appreciate his creepiness.

Dailymail claims this 14 year-old is the reason for Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s breakumolly-omalia-tygap because the rap star is in love with Molly O’Malia.


If you’re curious what music Molly thinks Tyga might have taken interest on, here’s the video:

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by   on  January 5, 2016