Video: Donald Trump wants Muslims out of America

On another Trump news, he released a formal statement regarding shutting America’s border to Muslims. He claims that if he wins the election, he won’t let a single Muslim soul in the US soil until the experts figure out what’s going on.


Trump said that hatred by Muslims towards America is unprecedented. He might be referring to the poll data on what Muslims in America thinks of how they should be governed in America (a recent poll from the Center for Security Policy).

Trump was asked by The Hill newspaper whether this ban that he’s proposing includes Americans who are living abroad. He says “Everything”.

During Trump’s live speech was interrupted by a woman shouting inaudible stuff to Trump and it really got him riled up. Donald Trump started criticizing the security at the even and compares it to the US.

So there you have it folks the world is just getting interesting.


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by   on  December 8, 2015