Watch Larry David doing Bernie Sanders Impersonation on SNL Full Video



Full video of Larry David’s comedy skit on SNL as Bernie Sanders. This is by far the best Sander’s impersonation. The dry humor is so hilarious that it make’s First Jimmy Fallon’s impersonation of Bernie a cartoon character.

You may know that Bernie Sanders beat Hilary Clinton in New Hampshire by a landslide. So Mr. Berns is definitely the subject of many mainstream comedy.

Larry David Bernie Sanders SNL Canada

Here’s the video but if you’re from Canada want to view with US restriction, you can watch it here: Watch Larry David Sanders Canada Video.


Here’s the Youtube video of Larry David doing an extremely funny copy of Bernie Sanders. This was released after Sanders became a household name winning the democratic election. Watch the SNL skit video without US restrictions in UK, Canada, Australia and Europe.


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by   on  February 12, 2016