Watch Surfer gets Swallowed by a Massive Wave at Teahupoo


Whether you’re a surfer or not, when you see this ultra-slow motion video of a surfer getting swallowed by a massive wave the size of a building, you immediately fear the worse.

massive-wave-swallow-surfer-teahupooHere’s a photo of the wave the the distance.


Watch this surfer gets knocked down and swallowed by this surging wave.teahupoo-massive-wave-video-4kSpectators in the safe distance can watch in horror miles off the shore.teahupoo-massive-wave-video-accidentSurprisingly, these are simply routine for professional surfers who travel from across the world to ride these very dangerous waves.

This video was filmed using a Phantom camera that can slow down time including a speeding bullet.


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by   on  April 19, 2016